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6 cl Ron Mulata Añejo 3 Años
Top up with coke.
½ an untreated lime



squeeze ½ a lime into a glass with a pestle. Add the rum and stir with a bar spoon. Strain into a glass with ice cubes. Add a few slices of lime, if desired. Add coke. Stir gently.

…amongst the Top 3
on Cuba


The Ron Mulata brand is one of Cuba‘s three most important brands of rum and covers a large part of the local market.

Internationally, the brand is becoming more and more important and is gaining an increasing number of fans in Europe.

Only authentic with guarantee seal Original Cuban rum

The green Cuban guarantee seal on rum bottles signifies the authenticity of the Cuban rum in the bottle. This seal is awarded by the Cuban Government, guaranteeing the manufacture
of the product in Cuba and safeguarding against counterfeiting.